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Spring Meeting 2017

Colorado State University, Little Shop of Physics. Teaching Science and Sustainability

Spring Meeting 2016

University of Northern Colorado

Spring Meeting 2015

MSU Denver/UCD on the Auraria Campus April 18, 2015

Spring Meeting 2014

Annual Spring Meeting, April 12, 2014, University of Colorado at Boulder
2014-04-12 15.19.51.jpg

Spring Meeting 2013

Annual Spring Meeting, April 20, 2013, Valor Christian School
2013-04-20 12.55.44.jpg

Spring Meeting 2012

Colorado Wyoming Spring Section Meeting April 28, 2012 Overland High School, Aurora, Colorado

Colorado Science Confrence 2011

Colorado Science Conference November 18, 2011 Denver Merchandise Mart
Colorado Science Conference 2011

National Summer Meeting 2011

National AAPT Meeting in Omaha, Nebraska, July and August 2011
Millikan Medal

Spring Meeting 2011

CO/WY Spring Meeting, May 1, 2011
Steve Sees Rainbows

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